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Tony Oursler & David Bowie

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Here is again Tony Oursler accompanied to David Bowie in a marvellous video. I find really interesting this video which shows Bowie and an unnamed female companion as conjoined rag doll with two faces projected onto it: Bowie’s and Oursler’s wife, the abstract impressionist artist Jacqueline Humphries. This is a technique that Oursler, one of the world’s leading video and installation artists, has trademarked.

About this video Oursler said:

” When choosing the objects I did think about referencing all of David’s previous albums. So there is a layering. But then what separates the language of art from mathematical equations is of course the organic deviations. Simply put, we deviate to try and set a certain point. I think David was attracted to the mounds of junk which are either from past projects or to be potentially included in future projects. The studio is a kind of memory palace, which we tapped into.”

“My personal feeling is that the video is all about the border between the present and the past, the east and the west, the self and the other.”Tony Oursler


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