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Tony Tasset

"I often feel that all my work are one big story..." Tony Tasset

Tony Tasset's works consists mainly of video, bronze, wax, sculpture, photography and film. His installations and images are simultaneously ironic, serious, and deeply humanistic. Tasset is known for his off-beat, slightly dark humor; his sculptures have a surreal, playful quality.

Capuchine Chandelier (2006) is an art piece made of plastic, oil paint, and electric lighting that represent a  likeness of bones and skulls. It is known to be the chandelier of the artist's dining room (ahahaha!!!). In this work Tasset uses the skeleton as an art material. It reminds me the catacombs. If Basky said that “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”, well Tasset with this work is doing it for sure.

In The Snowman Tasset uses common American imagery for underlying something slightly rundown, rotten and sticky, and a little bit sad. It looks like he's on the verge of melting, he's actually far from it. Made of polystyrene, fiberglass mesh, paper-mache, plaster, resin, steel, brass, acrylic and oil paint, the life-sized dirty snowman is unclothed with outstretched twig arms and a crude face made with dried leaves and punched in eyes and mouth.About this piece Tasset said "An earlier piece I did was this sad snowman, and it was the same thing: Could I take something that's so banal, so quoted, that everybody has kind of made, and could I treat it like a Giacometti? Could I give it that pathos and existential angst?"

Bob Monster is a sculpture Tasset created using poured colored resin, metal, wire mesh, and paint. Measuring 14’ x 13’ x 12’, the large sculpture looks anything but ominous with his sad face and dripping paint. This waxy sculpture gives a sense of ridiculous. It pretends to be scary but for its colors it is just and simply funny. I like this contrast.


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