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Tony Feher

My interest in found objects, which I admit in most of the cases is considered trash or it is trash, leads me to this artist. His installations are light, colorful and playful; he shows a profound depth to the viewer a laugh, a moment of reflection, a deep sigh. he highlights the formal qualities of found objects while simultaneously imbuing them with personal meaning. His careful consideration transforms and re-contextualizes these items into a works of art.

"My relationship with the objects it's a very obsessive compulsive relationship.  I have seen news clips on this, where they go into a cluttered apartment in Manhattan and they are appalled at all the stuff someone has collected and cannot get rid of, like the old bagel on the floor that is 5 years old.  I see this and I think it's gorgeous! The color and the shape of the bagel, the texture...and I think, I have a bagel just like that!!!"  Tony Feher

Tony Feher, The Beautiful Day, 2001

Feher's elements include objects such as filled plastic water bottles, tape, ropes, tacks, plastic bags, and plastic crates. Feher makes art from what already exists!!!

Feher collects and select items with the same color, shape and texture. Primary colors and geometric forms arranged in repetitive patterns dominate his work. Feher gives also importance to the site in which his work is presents, he use the settings of the location to his advantage. E.g. Feher hangs a groups of plastic bottles partially filled with pink liquid in seven trees in the park creating a glowing presence in the landscape. Working with such ordinary items as plastic drink containers, rope, packing crates, and plastic bags, Feher creates installations that focus on the properties of materials.

Tony Feher, Same, 2008


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