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Oriana Fox

Oriana Fox is the artist. She is all that I wish to be (I’m so invidious). I love her strong femininity, her being proud to be a woman with all the bad and good things of being a woman. Fox  during the lecture presented her career as an artist to now: she showed a lots of video clips. It is clear her connection with Judy Chicago’s work. She stated that: Feminism is still alive, in a new form, but alive.

Oriana Fox, video still from Our Bodies, Ourselves, 2003

With a mixture of sarcasm and sincerity, my videos replay scenes from my own life through kitsch characters and cultural clichés, addressing wider issues of femininity, identity and autobiography. In my earliest videos, Our Bodies, Ourselves and Tale of Narcissus (2003), I took the soundtracks from excerpts of the TV show Sex and the City and recreated the episodes playing all the parts myself and setting it in the 1970s. Lip-synching to lines from the show’s original dialogue, I integrated 70s feminist art practice into the contemporary representation of independent women in order to question both notions of femininity and how they impacted on me.”  (quoted in


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