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Adam Chodzko

Chodzko works with objects across all media, from video installation to subtle interventions. He is getting these objects from the Charity shop.

Chodzko's work proposes new relationships between our value and belief systems, exploring their effect on our communal and private spaces.

He works with the networks of people and places that surround him, often using forms of anthropology

Chodzko focuses on the relational politics of culture's edges, endings, displacements, transitions and disappearances through a provocative looking in the 'wrong' place.

Chodzko’s practice operates in the tight, poetic spaces he evolves between documentary and fantasy, conceptualism and surrealism, and public and private space, often engaging reflexively and directly with the role of the viewer.

Adam Chodzko, M-Path

What really interests me about Chodzko is the work M-path: a collection of second-hand shoes, donated from people living in the suburbs of a city and then loaned to visitors to wear for viewing an exhibition. All visitors to the exhibition will be invited to swap their shoes for a second-hand pair for the duration of their visit; a form of parade costume for their procession through the exhibition. A lowest common denominator for the art viewer. But it’s an imperceptible transformation (how will anyone know whether you are wearing your own footwear or the 'official' second-hand ones?). The shoes, donated through door to door collections as a result of distributing flyers in a community in the gallery’s city suburbs, directly influence the visitor’s walk through the show. M-path is remade each time it is exhibited. When the exhibition ends the donated shoes go to charity.


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