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Creatures #3


Creatures #3 is a series of mixed media paintings on paper

Creatures are those who populate my dreams and liberate themselves in my work which is made by instinct freed from every limit or restriction and uses graphical marks, loose brushstrokes to create itself.

Imprisoning in my work what oppresses and torments

my dreams and my waking is a form of self-liberation

and it is the best I can do to overcome and control my fears and neuroses, which are many, and in a slightly perverse way they keep me company although they are not my friends. Although it is known that long relationships create links, even if deviant and in any case it is always better to give a face to a fear, because nothing is worse than a nameless fear.


The sense of grotesque in my work comes from my impossibility of admitting that the monsters who scares me and embody my fear have also a certain degree of familiarity, closeness and  sympathy.

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