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In Bittersweet the scenes arouse pleasure mingled with 

disgust: a simultaneous clash among playfulness and the instinctive response to a situation of instability and uncertainty for the future.


Irony and sarcasm are used as a vehicle to confront and discuss the Brexit matter, which is perceived as a deeply personal concern. The resulting feelings from nowadays oppressing situation are expressed through bodily reactions, and the images intentionally challenge the viewer to take a position: watch and take a stand or leave and pretend nothing happened.


The soundtrack was created in collaboration with 

Jānis Sokolovskis using the words from the first speech of the Prime Minister Theresa May on Brexit (21 September 2018) .

It suggests the reason why certain choices were taken and driven, and guides the scenes in a hopeless (or not) procession.  

Bittersweet has been realized for the exhibition Waiting to Exhale held at Space 36.

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