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BaBaFooSy is a series of actionable practices led by a self appointed guru. It exists within Brexitopia, which is an imaginary state that emerged as a concept subsequent the UK’s decision to leave the EU.


BaBaFooSy is a cult and its object of worship is a representation of the DNA strand: the life force that connects all living beings. The work is composed of an instructional video and installation (a make-shift altar) that maintains

the BaBaFooSy presence vividly within the gallery space

while the guru gives instructions to followers for the adoration

of the DNA. The work includes a series of participatory processions, where viewers are guided to learn the actionable practices that constitute the BaBaFooSy.
The work encourages viewers to engage and discuss

the concept of faith and its actualization in the everyday.

BaBaFooSy is a collective project created by Liana Bortolozzo aka Laliana and Christina Lovey for the exhibition

The Republic of Brexitopia, a Degrees of Freedom Collective show held at the Espacio Gallery

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